TV Cover Up
Living room view of TV cover up

A lot of us have a TV...and a bunch of us do not want it to be the focal point of our living room. (Unless you are maybe watching a great episode of Fixer Upper.) Most of us put up with the TV as a focal point in our living rooms.

Recently my husband and I built a new house. Up to this point I had a beautiful armoire to put the TV in...and no fussing between my husband and myself.  Well....while building the new home we (or I should say I) realized the TV armoire was not going to fit in our living room.  I won't even go into the many discussions this created...or rippits (dicey conversation where neither party agrees).  My husband was happy.  He always wanted the TV over the not so much.  The artist wife really wanted to have a showcase painting over the mantle.

Finally...I gave in and agreed to have the TV over the mantle...on one condition...I could cover it with a painting.

My requirements:

  • I did not want to see a lot of hardware.  
  • Had to look pretty when it was open.  
  • Easy to use.            
  • Should not be the price of a small car.

This is what we came up with. Happy Happy!!!

We did not invent this. There are many TV cover up ideas on Pinterest and Google.
Many are similar. I did a lot of research on Pinterest and google. 

Check out the video to see how we actually did it!


My husband had the builder frame a recessed rectangle above thefire place. (Of course we knew what size of TV we wanted.)  The picture below shows what it looked like before the house was finished.  He picked all the hardware to mount the TV.  If you really want to know what we used, leave a comment and I will find out where he ordered the mounting hardware. This project could still be done if you did not have the recessed rectangle, you would need to build a frame out then mount your TV inside the frame. Your painting would hinge on the frame and cover it.


I painted a painting on four 15x36 inch canvases. I had him create the opening with standard sizes in mind... but if you have a really odd size it is easy enough for an artist to get canvases made to exact measurement.

I makes me so Happy! Side story...I really could not decide what subject to put in my living room above my mantle. It was a lot of back and forth, up and down, around and round. Finally I set myself down and asked myself what is some of your favorite things? Flowers! Roses! These roses were grown in my own yard (last house). The big pink rose is a rose bush I received from my Grandma's yard.  I arrange and photograph a lot of the flowers I grow... that insures I always have many many paint subjects. So in the end, even though I was worried about all that pink. This was my chosen subject. I LOVE IT!  


Hinge the thing. I wanted the painting to lay flat against the wall. I did not want it sticking out vertical from the wall when someone was trying to watch TV.  This proved to be a bit of a problem as I used gallery wrap canvases and they are 1 3/4 inches deep. (Why was this not thought of earlier? )  We finally settled on piano hinges for the two middle seams and cafe hinges for the canvas to wall part.  We modified the cafe hinges a bit.

Ok...we had to modify these hinges.  My husband (who really did all the work) bought extra washers...then we mounted the hardware opposite the correct way. Why?  A cafe door hinge has a piece of white plastic that is angled and it causes the door to swing back into place.  We did not want this.  With a cafe hinge you really can't see any hinge part.. it is behind the back of the door.  We used it so a tiny bit stuck up at the top and down at the bottom. you have it.

1. I did not want to see a lot of hardware....Very little shows. In fact you don't even notice it at all.

2. Had to look pretty open...when the  painting folds open..the panels against the wall are image and the panels facing out are image, a bit abstract, but still pretty.

3. Easy to use...super duper easy peasey!!! 

4. Should not be the price of a small car....OK Lets have some accountability here.  

The cost of the recessed rectangle was part of building our house.  If you had to have it done, could be a bit expensive, or you could add a frame to your wall.  The frame could be in the ball park of a hundred or less, depending on wood, molding, and if you had to hire it verses DIY.

The painting...for me the cost of canvas. (Which was under a hundred since I always use a Michael's coupon.)  So you could DIY or get you favorite artist to paint a commission for you. (I always recommend hiring artist.)  Depending on the size the price could vary.  If I did this commission the price would be between $1200 - $1800.

Hardware was less than $40.  

I would say I had about $140 involved... only because I created my own art.  Even if you do not paint there are tons of DIY art projects you could do on your own.

So I feel like this did not equal the cost of a small car.  Was it super cheap, no!  but I was looking for quality, something that as I used it over the years lasted and wore well.

 I hope this inspires you to do your own version of the TV cover up.  If you have any questions please let me know in the comments I would be glad to go into more detail.  

Yes, you can hire me to paint your painting.  I would be happy to!!  You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook and keep up with my creative process and projects...just click on the icons at the bottom of my page.

Happy Creating!