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Recording Memories

Marita gentryComment
Recording Memories

Well hello everyone!

Recently, I ran a give way to promote my New Orleans Street Scenes. (Which did wonderful. Thanks to you all!) Anyway… the instructions were to: like the post and tag someone. I write all the names of every entry on a slip of paper and cut and fold them. (Yes that is a bit time consuming, but worth it!) Then came my favorite part. Picking the winners. Really, it is a random drawing done by my husband. No matter what, I get a little nervous for all of those entered. My husband who I nickname Handsome Husband always draws the winners.

I enjoy looking up the winners and seeing our connections. Sometimes the winner is a follower and not someone I know personally, and sometimes I know them. Well in the recent give away I had one of each. The Facebook winner was an aquaintance. When I posted the winning name, many, many friends congratulated the winner and being that social media can cause confusion I assumed Brenda lived in Mississippi. I knew she was a music person, but I couldn’t really place her. The winner could pick a street scene or flower painting. Brenda asked to think about it. I said sure.

When I checked with a Brenda a few days later she had a special request. Her parents home and her dad on a tractor with her mom standing beside. Pictures below.


So now a little secret…I struggle with landscape paintings. They intimidate me and I can’t seem to find my groove. So I always worry that I am going to really mess up a painting that has landscape elements. But I liked Brenda’s story and wanted to help her preserve her memories. (I mean really, as an artist that is soooo cool). So IN SPITE of my worries I said “yes”.

I used my handy dandy iPad to lay out my composition. (Picture below) Then I went to work!


The finished painting…a 9x12 watercolor.


When I finally came to a point that I was happy with the painting and felt like it was my best I contacted Brenda. Crazy enough her and her husband were traveling to Mountain View where we have a vacation home. So we agreed to meet there.

This is my favorite part. We met and unlike social media it’s way better to meet in person. We got to talking and NO…she was not from Mississippi…she was from my home town of Denham Springs Louisiana. We had tons of people in common. Handsome Husband had played music with her husband…we knew common friends and relatives. This makes me so happy. Now not only do I get to paint her memories, but I got to connect with her and create a new friend.


Thanks Brenda…it was a pleasure to create a painting for you.