The Making of a Mural

I love painting big.

So painting a mural is always something I am open too and excited about. When I was approached by the Art Council of Livingston Parish with the opportunity to submit a design I was thrilled.

This mural will be in Denham Springs, Louisiana on the Arts Council of Livingston Parish building. The Arts Council wanted something to draw attention to the building and reinforce their brand. They were not looking for anything that had a specific subject matter. The mural ended up inspired by some of my favorite classic abstract painters like Piet Mondrain and Wassily Kandinsky. Honestly my first design was giant flowers. (I know they would have been awesome, but I like this design also.) It was the third design I submitted. This mural is sponsored by the Art Council of Livingston Parish and the Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Livingston.

Below are the progress pictures for the first day.


I began by loosely gridding the building to match the grid on my drawing.


Then using spray paint I sketched my design onto the building. Just a note…This is a really really rough sketch. it was a simple way to get the design on the wall.


I was able to start on the first few shapes by the end of the day. I was worried about leaving just the sketch as it really does look like graffiti. But thankfully the City of Denham Springs came and roped off the area. What a nice thing for them to do.

There were a few things I realized today.

  • I need stiff brushes. The brick is brutal to paint on.

  • I am going to need a stool. I can only squat or hover for so long before my muscles are done.

  • It is actually very relaxing to paint. I just relaxed and took my time enjoying the process and opportunity.

Stay tuned for updates.