Painting all the things!

Painting all the things!

I have been known to paint more than a canvas.  In fact!  Years ago, I would paint murals all over furniture and rooms for customers. Too bad, it was before blogging and the internet. Ha! I know I am dating myself, but yes! I could have knocked it out of the park as a DIY blogger for years.  By the time I got around to even thinking about blogging there are a million DIY bloggers out there and all of them doing an awesome job.  But to be honest, when I was really doing it myself...I did it cause I was young and it was cheaper.  Now when I DIY it is because I know I can make it exactly like I want. 

So....what have I been painting?

What is my DIY?



Why? Well, I bought a couch for our vacation home.  I had it shipped to my home here in Louisiana, and it came in a box.(I know...raised came in a square box.  I was a little unsure how it was going to be a couch, but once we unpacked it and put it together it was a couch)  We did not un-box it before we took it to our vacation home.  When I un-boxed it the back was finished with the paper kind of fabric that you usually have on the bottom of furniture.  NOT GOOD! I wanted to place it in the center of the room away from the wall. 


I mean really? This is supposed to be a couch that makes into a bed, but how much more would it have cost to make the back match the front.  

YEP, I got a purple couch...did you all notice. (I am smiling here because I know that this is not a color many people would pick)  I will show you in a minute how good it looks.   

Back to my did I paint it?

  • First painters blue tape.  
  • Taped off random stripes
  • Painted with acrylic craft paint using a stiff paint brush
  • I painted the black and red.
  • After it dried I added more tape.
  • Painted aqua and green.
  • Added more tape and painted orange.
  • Let it dry and then pull tape off.

Did I measure? Sorry guys I am kind of one of those eyeball sort of people.  I eyeball things and get with it. (Unless I am building something and need to measure if your building.) 


So what Next?

I ironed the fabric to set the paint, then I washed it and dried it.  THEN...I measured the back of my couch and cut my fabric to fit with enough room to hem with iron on hem tape.  This gives me a nice clean edge.  Then I hot glued my pieces to the back.




                       I mean how cute is that?






So now I will show you how fun this purple couch looks in my living room.  But hey! Doesn't the back look awesome now?  I love how it turned out.


LoVE!! It!!

Why did I pick Purple?  I had a brown fake leather couch before and the room always felt a little dark.  I have a red couch here in Louisiana and didn't want to copy myself.  I thought about orange and also blue. BUT! If you know me blue is not one of my favorite color so I was afraid I would actually get tired of blue.  So even though I felt like blue would be a good choice(see the blue in the bookcase?) I decided purple was close to blue and would work in my color scheme. 

Ok, one more question you ask. Why not just buy the fabric?  Good question.  I actually looked online. And about 45 minutes across the mountains is a really cool fabric store. The problem was I wasn't seeing what I wanted on-line and I really didn't want to take the winding 45 minute drive to the other town.  Our house is in Mountain View, Arkansas and honestly they have a quilt shop, but it is a very small town and the choices are really limited.  I actully found this purple canvas at walmart and it was really close to the couch color so I thought, why not? 


So that's my DIY

Yep! I don't always paint on canvas. Sometimes it just works out better to make it yourself...and hey why not paint your own fabric.


I love how it turned out and I like my purple couch. 

Tell me what you like to DIY below in the comments.  I would love to know.