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Make it Happen!

Marita gentry2 Comments
Make it Happen!

Well Hello!

...from a long long time. I haven't blogged in forever, but I am glad to be back with some fun announcements and goals. Most importantly, I am happy to announce an updated website.  I wrote in my things to do this year list (last January 2017)... update my website. I got right on that don't you think?   Ha! 


"Its better done than perfect'

Skip on ahead through 2017 to the fall.  I was listening to a pod on business growth and marketing and the pod person said, "its better done than perfect". Wow! Did that work for me. I got it.

Back to last January 2017...I had great big humongous visions for my website that would take the marketing team of big brands like J. Crew or Old navy to succeed at creating. So instead of creating that amazing vision that I personally didn't even have the skills to produce, I didn't get anything done.  After that aha moment I realized that it's better done than perfect.  To me that doesn't mean that I do something half way or without pride, it means I bring those aspirations and dreams down to a doable level. And...with anything practice makes perfect.  So make it happen! Then as you learn more skills and practice those skills, the better you get.  Then and only then can I take my expectations up a level.  Sounds like a plan to me.


Making it happen.  To be honest, I found a professional to help me deal with this website.  I have my site hosted through squarespace because I do want to manage the content myself. But even though squarespace is a templet driven website, it was hard for me to navigate. My limited tech skills limited my choices.  I hired Justin Mabee through Sixty to help me.  What I like about this is he teaches me as we go.  I can also just hire him to do back end site work for me. So with his help it happened.

Makeing it Happen.jpg
  •  Blog:   I am choosing a blog driven site.  My goals are to open up myself, my studio and my creative journey more to my friends and tribe.  To do that I have a goal to put up a couple of blogs a month.

  •  Shop:  I am also simplifying things for myself and having a shop on my website.(Something I knew better to attempt on my own.) But Justin made happen.  This means I will have everything in one spot.  So feel free to shop to your hearts content.  I will be adding more and more to my shop as I go. (remember it better done than perfect) So keep an eye on it.  Just a note:  I love Etsy and will continue to support other makers on Etsy. 

  • Contact ME:  As always you can contact me through my contact page for any questions, commissions, school visits, etc. 

  • Art: And if you just want to view pretty paintings I have done you can take a look at the art page. 

  • ArtNotes:  One more goal of mine is to send out my ArtNotes letters.  This is my "Thank You" to all those that subscribe. I am working on this goal, but I hope to include a fun gift, and somethings inspiring each time I send it.  You can click that banner and add your email. 

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What do you want to make happen?

I really want to connect with everyone and be a part of your journey too. So please let us know what you are trying to make happen in the comments below. Even if it feels to huge or seems small...its important.

This year we can inspire and cheer each other on.