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Marita gentryComment
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This is the year of


"make it happen"

moments for me.








Several years ago my newly married daughter had a new home.  She asked me to paint her a painting for her living room.  She wanted a New Orleans street she had photographed. 

April's New Orleans.jpg













...the painting...


I loved it so much and wanted to start a city street scenes series.


Well it didn't happen. I even had clients asking for a street scene painting and it still didn't happen.

This last week I went to New Orleans to do some shopping.  I decided it was time to "make it happen". So guess what guys!! I was able to take photos for my street scene series!

Happy! Happy!

So enjoy my inspiration photos! I can not wait to start.



"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop."

Y'all will have to keep a look out for the city street scenes that will come from these photos...all taken by me. 

If I can keep at it till I make it happen so can you.