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Street Scenes of New Orleans

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Street Scenes of New Orleans

Hey there!!

I have been meaning to write a post for a while and phew!!! Life has been busy.

Thanks to you all, my New Orleans Street Scene release was very successful I only have two paintings left.



THIS ONE… Betty on the Balcony 10x10 $80

I LOVE that you all loved them.

In fact this week I am finishing a commission of a New Orleans street scene and painting several more small ones. The small ones are for the winners of my give away and some collectors that needed a few more paintings.


So Why New Orleans street scenes?


I grew up visiting New Orleans as a small child. My grandmother lived in Metarie (a suburb) and My dad grew up about an hour north in a small rural town called Loranger. I grew up in southern Missouri, but most of our vacations were to south Louisiana, or Arizona to see family.

My earliest memories of New Orleans were an early evening walk through the french quarters. Let me tell you the lights and exotic colors and buildings were candy to this young artist soul. I LOVED IT. I also distinctively remember a lady walking several feet in front of me with a beautiful flowy skirt. I was attracted to her pretty skirt… till I realized that it was cut in shreds. I didn’t really see anything, but my young mind knew her skirt should not be cut up. LOL!! I was blessed with an artistic mom and creative dad who loved visiting the old romantic city for the sights, sounds, and food.

When I was about 14 our family moved back to south Louisiana to a suburb of Baton Rouge called Denham Springs. Here I was just about an hour away from New Orleans. A Saturday jaunt down to the quarters was a regular fun treat for this girl. A couple of my favorite streets to visit then and and now are Royal Street and out of the Quarter I really enjoy Magazine Street.

In my twenties I decided I needed to experience a Mardi Gras in New Orleans. As much as I love exploring different neighborhoods and streets in New Orleans…Mardi Gras is the one time of the year I leave it to the tourist. ONE TIME!! That is all it took. It was a crazy day with a million other people. I am short so you know what I saw? The backside of millions of people. Yep! I didn’t have a ladder, and sitting on anyone’s shoulder was not an option for me. The floats and parades are out of this world, but all I saw were the tippy top of things. I did not enjoy sharing what little bit of view I had with a bunch of backsides. Also I can remember NO ONE…not one business!!! Would let you use the bathroom. So that became a huge issue…finding a bathroom. Not Me said the Bee! LOL!!! I will let the tourist enjoy!


My first New Orleans Street Scene

I painted this when I was about 16. It is of a couple (I was young and in love with Brent Gentry at the time) walking down Pirates Alley in the rain. I titled it “Liquid Sunshine”. I painted it from a photo and I don’t even know if I took it myself.I probably used some other poor artist idea. I do know the monochromatic(all the shades and tints of one color) was I thought the cutting edge of hipness and my own idea. HA! I love that my little people are so dark and kind of floating. They don’t touch their own shadow. To be honest I still like this painting and I still like that I did it in all one color. My mom has it in her house. It is painted in oil paints…which I tried off and on for several years, but I decided I didn’t like as much as fluid acrylics.

I am sure I painted others through my life but the next significant painting was this beauty below for my daughters wedding gift. Called “April’s New Orleans”. She sent me the picture she had taken and asked for a painting. Her painting is 5 feet x 5 feet. I love this painting. It didn’t come easy… I struggled a bit with finding my voice with her painting. But then I started to see where it needed to go and it fell together. Big difference from the one above…but there is like 25 years separating their creation.

April's New Orleans.jpg

Here are a a few photos that I took in The Quarter.

New Orleans Princess.jpg
Street Band.jpg

You know what?

I think it is time for another trip to The Quarters.

laissez les bon temps rouler!!