Creating Perfect

Creating Perfect
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"If you get it perfect, you will never get it out there."

Marie Forleo

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I have seen this quote several times the last year... I LOVE IT!


I sat down to write a post about my profound thoughts and experiences on this subject. 


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Unfortunately I went to edit a sentence and deleted the entire post.  (twice now! ARGHHHH)


So Instead you are getting a post of pretty pictures while I practice the quote I was trying to preach about. HA!


When I teach artist-in-residence programs my motto is "Its not the product its the process". Teachers and Principles can get caught up in getting a certain product and forget that it is in the actual process that the student does the learning. 

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So enjoy the process and get it out there for someone to enjoy. 

I can talk a lot about the fear of failure, it played a big part of my first years as an artist.   Maybe the next post will be the perfect "HOW TO" post I have been wanting to give you all. HA!

All the paintings in this post are available for purchase(click here)...if you do not see it in the "SHOP" section of this website please send me a message(here). (It just means it is in a gallery)