4 Quirky Things about Me

4 Quirky Things about Me

Each and every person I know has interesting or quirky things about themselves. One thing I love about friends and getting to know people is those quirky things that make them different than me.  So today I am going to tell you 4 things that I think are quirky about me as an artist.



I have insane

color memory.

What? you say...  If I see a color I seem to remember it and can match it later on without having the original color with me.  I think it stems from a couple of things.

  1.  I am constantly mixing colors and I pay attention to little differences in color.

  2.  I love color and have been fascinated with it since I was a teen...reading books on it etc.

  3.  I just think it is one of those things people have. Some people have photogenic memory...I have that with color. 


Years ago a friend of mine was making an outfit for her daughter.  I was visiting her and she showed me her project.  She wanted to line the outfit, but she said she had been looking for a color and couldn't find it.  The next day or so I was in a fabric store and saw the color she wanted(a slightly odd purple).  I called and told her I found the color.  I bought it and mailed it to her.  She was thrilled because it matched exactly. 














So how does that translate into my artwork...it doesn't really.  I am very laid back about colors matching exactly in my own life so, I really only use this special quirk when I decorate, sometimes when I shop for clothes, or occasionally helping a friend.  It does help me mixing my colors though, because I can easily mix the same exact color again and again.


       #2 Organization                 is a must for                 my creativity.

So this is probably a personality quirk, But I HAVE  to HAVE my spaces organized.  I need everything to have a place.  Organization is key to being creative to me. I always clean up my studio and put everything back when I start a new painting or project.  I feel like I have enough thoughts running around my head with out my supplies being random. 

If you visit my studio you wouldn't believe it because is my desk is usually layered with things. But, is always the same things, my calendar, scrap paper for writing notes, pens, etc. 

Honestly if my space gets too unorganized I get very anxious about it and I can't seem to get anything done.  So that means if I hit a block in painting....I clean or organize.  

No, I am not OCD...that means everything has to be in the same exact spot.  I have things organized mainly in containers and have no problem throwing all my paints haphazardly in the container...or all my pencils in a couple of jars. My canvases are stacked together...not in order.  So you see I just need order to create...I am not compulsive about it.  To be honest(unfortunately)  it isn't a clean thing either...I should really sweep my studio more often(looking very sheepish here)  I just need my stuff in the same spaces and containers.

MaritaGentry2017-17 webcopy.jpg

#3 I need to be by myself to paint.

I really can't get in the groove of painting(or the zone, as they say in athletics) if anyone is in my studio.  I need to be by myself.  Even if the person is quiet it feels like they are taking up thinking space or something.  (LOL! I know! I told you its what makes us all different.) I need to be completely by myself to really paint in that deep way, where time stands still, and a little later you realize you have been painting for three hours.  I can draw with people around me.  I can think up ideas for painting and sketches in a group setting. I have been know to sit listening to my husband play music and work out a book concept. BUT, when it actually comes to doing the work I need to be by myself.


#4 I hate having my hands dirty.






Paint is not considered dirt. HA HA... I am serious.  If I am cooking I wash my hands constantly.  If I am gardening, I like the feel of dirt, but not after I am through, and I have been known to wash my hands every little bit.  But it doesn't bother me to get paint on my hands...sometimes I don't even notice it till I am in town and I realize the slash of red paint on my hand looks a bit gruesome.  I hate the feel of pastels (chalks).   I could never be a pastel artist...the feel of chalk on my hands makes me nuts.  I hate the feel of clay, so being a sculpture wouldn't have been good for me either.  So obviously paint is my thing, it is the one thing I don't notice on my hands. 

2009-1 016.jpg

I told you they were quirky... Some artist don't like anyone to see a piece of artwork unless it is finished, some artist like a studio full of people.  Each of us have things that make us different, I have a friend who hates to be wasteful and uses just half of a paper towel for most things. Another friend finds little noises distracting and can't hardly think if there is too much background noise.  I personally have to have a fan on at night to sleep...for the noise.  If I stay somewhere and there isn't a fan, I am telling you a rough night sleep for me. LOL! 

All these things tickle me and I love that each of us have little things that make us unique.  It really is what makes the world go around.  Now it is your turn. Leave a comment about something you consider a personal quirk.