Stunning Student Art


These painting are awesome! ...and they are by my 4 and 5 year old students.  One of the programs I teach in is a pre-k and K program.  It is administered by the Greater Baton Rouge Arts Council in the East Baton Rouge School System. It is called "Learning Through the Arts" and the point of the program is to reinforce skills the students need to acquire in pre-k and K through art projects.  

This is our end of the year project. How do I get such awesome paintings? I certainly do not touch a hand to the canvas...I talk them through the thinking part of creating a painting.

Step #1

Create a background...what color do you want? Pick two others to go with it....let them put paint on the canvas however they want. 

Step #2

Create a vase...what shape would you like your vase? (I have an example painting I do and we talk about the shape of my vase) ...they pick a shape, oval, triangle, rectangle. They paint that shape with a color that is not on the background.

Step #3

Flowers and table.  How many flowers do you want in your vase? Answer 3. Draw three circles(with a paint and paint brush) now put petals on your circles by making U's all the way around your circle. (use the same color paint as the circles)  Next, I ask what color do you want the middle of your circle? Paint all the middles. What color do you want the petals? Paint all the petals. Now lets put stems and leaves...then I show then with my finger where a table line would go.  They draw that line and then they pick a color for the table.. paint the table.

There you go! Very cool paintings. I work with 2-4 students at a time.  I usually have a little space set up in the hall for this project.  The teacher and the parents LOVE these paintings! And so do I! Enjoy!



P.S I cropped a few of them.