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The Busy Life

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The Busy Life

The great part of being an artist is that I get to work on very different art projects and commissions at the same time.  This week I am revving up on several projects and will show you a glimpse of a few.  

The next three images are the beginning of a series of pattern designs for fabric. This particular project is dear to my heart . I will tell you all when I have a completed project.

Eclipse design by Marita Gentry
painted flower design by Marita Gentry
Kiteline by Marita Gentry

I have always had a passion for photography. I do this creative venue just for fun....what fun! This week I was asked by my friend Amber to take pictures of her very cute...but active...toddler.  In the thirty minutes that I took pictures I ended up with about a hundred. Not only do I run around madly(really I did...she is very active) taking pictures, but then I spend time editing them.The good thing about taking this toddler's pictures is I got lots of hugs!! Always a bonus.


This is my favorite...what a cutie!!

I am also revving up to complete about 30 paintings for a show in September...(more to come)

All the paintings are of animals, insects, and lovely creatures of the sort. Press releases for the show need to be out by this weekend.  Hurry! Hurry! Marita


I worked on a very cool commission which I can show you next week. (its a secret)

And is beginning here in the deep south. The planning of art-in-residence programs begins.  This planning includes lesson plans and testing.  It also includes conversations about updating testing procedures(to follow common core standards), and changing lesson plan formats so they are better connected for teachers.

I do my share of seeking inspiration. (big smile) which includes sketching, sitting on the porch drinking coffee, and reading...

My favorite spot. A artist has to stay inspired!! (another big smile)

I have already started next weeks list.

That's okay, I enjoy the busy life.