Painting or Jpeg?

Painting or Jpeg?

I am a traditional artist, but sometimes my work needs to be digital for the final does this work for me.

I always start with traditional art....watercolor and acrylic on canvas is my favorite.  So today I will show you how that works....

The job....create a journal using "Playground" as a theme.  ( this was for a competition called the Great Talent Search put on by Lilla Rogers Studio

So I sketched....and sketched ....and sketched .(tons of 10 pages)

This is finally the sketch I liked the best.

But... when I started painting, the background felt conflicted... to much stuff going on.

So I painted it simpler. 

I painted it again in a whole different color scheme and got this painting...

In all the transition, I added friends that enjoyed  the playground too!

So now I scan my image, or take a picture and upload to Adobe photoshop.

I need to add the word "Journal"

I do this by creating the word in Sketch Book Designer Pro. (Another program I use to draw using my wacom pad.)

Then I start playing with all my elements...cutting, pasting, changing colors...

This is the final product. I submitted.

As you can see I took out the background color...adding brown paper. I took the flower elements off her shirt and added them on a side border. I also moved the dragonfly so that the word "Journal" would be a part of the design and not feel separate.  

I did not get picked for the Great Talent Search, but I enjoyed the process and enjoyed showing how I get where I am going sometimes.

Click here to see the final 50 of the GTS.