It's Personal

I am still creating.

But this time I am using my sewing machine.

This creation  isn't business this is personal .My father-in law passed away earlier this year and it has been very hard for my husband as they were very close.  So he asked me to make a quilt out of his daddy's shirts...and I threw in a pair of jeans and khakis to round it out. 

I like to make crazy favorite kind of quilt.  But....I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt a king size crazy quilt. (how to keep it square?, how how how?) Since I am not a professional quilter but a random creator of quilts I looked to several quilt blogs I follow.  I liked the idea of a row quilt.  A row has all the same design or blocks...but each row is different.  As you see I made a symmetrical row quilt.  The center row is just squares, but the rows going out mirror each other.  I really wanted a feel of a crazy quilt. To get that feeling  I worked hard to keep the fabrics really random.

Below you can see I wanted some of the details left on the clothing.  I purposely cute the squares to include seams....and if you look carefully pockets.

My husband intends to hang it on the wall of his music room. 

My creations are all personal as in they each have a part of me in them, but some are for business.  This one is just personal.

Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, 

stitched with love.

Hug your loved ones!!