Morning Sketch

Warm up sketches...morning sketches..just sketches.  This is the one I did this morning. I take them from life, or the one above, or I just make things up.

I have been drawing a lot of characters so this morning I picked a picture of a New Orleans house I took several years ago.  Waalaa!  

Some morning when I come into the studio, I already have ideas for a current project, or I am ready to continue finishing something...I take right off.  Some mornings are slow. That is when I give myself free sketching time. Time to warm up and draw some thing completely un-related to any project I am working on.

I also sketch when I listen to my husband play music. Like most musicians there is always a jam going somewhere. The sketch below was done in Mountain View Arkansas on the square.(Musicians gather most every night in the summer to play music)

Happy sketching...morning, evening, or just sketching.