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About Marita



For many years I have worked in many different schools as a professional teaching artist. I no longer do this full time, but if you have a grant, or a small project I would be interested. Please let contact me through my contact page.

artist, illustrator, designer, teacher, person.


Welcome to my world!  That is the song my husband sang to me as I came down the isle. That is what I say to you as you browse through my website.

What do I do?

I paint, illustrate, design, and  until recently taught art.

Between nine and twelve I decided I was going to be an artist...I have never wavered from that desire.  I have had a passion for creating art for my entire life.  I love color and shapes and lines and the act of putting it all together to evoke a mood, or inspire a feeling.  

I primarily paint contemporary floral's...maybe simply because I am an avid gardener and have lots of daily inspiration. I really don't keep myself just to floral paintings, but do work with landscapes, figures, and crazy critters. Creating a series of the same subject is harder for me, but on occasion I travel that path also.

Illustrating kind of landed in my lap, but is completely enjoyable. It is also a completely different animal than painting fine art paintings. There are deadlines, and collaborations with authors, and editors. But telling a story with pictures is definitely a challenge I enjoy.  I always add a tiny bit humor or interest that only I know about in each book.

My next love in being a creative person is sewing. I have always been able to sew(with out patterns of any sort....I know...what ever) (I really did manage to sneak in my moms sewing room around nine or ten and teach myself to sew.) But this love has me exploring fabric design or surface design.  I have several collections I am working on and hope to release them soon.

If you are interested in collaborating on any project, or have me  create a commission especially for you please contact me either through email or phone. Both are on my contact page.  I am always eager to hear what you need and love new projects.

That is where I am now. I paint, illustrate, and design.  I like having a large world. Welcome to my world.